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Kaj storiti če se pri tiskanju pojavi modri ekran?
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Windows Update Problem (Blue screen with KX driver / FAX driver)

[Latest status]

Microsoft found out the root cause and fixed it.


■Defect Patch (March 9 Release)

Windows 10 Ver.20H2 : KB5000802

Windows 10 Ver.2004 : KB5000802

Windows 10 Ver.1909 : KB5000808

■Countermeasure Patch(March 16th Release)

Windows 10 Ver.20H2 : KB5001567

Windows 10 Ver.2004 : KB5001567

Windows 10 Ver.1909 : KB5001566

Please be aware, that the procedure to install the Microsoft patches should only be performed by experienced users and having Administration rights on their PC/Server environment.

For instructions on how to install Countermeasure Patch, please see the following Microsoft site.

■Check Point & Result



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